Together, our leadership team has nearly 50 years combined experience in the metal business, overseeing Aladdin’s HVAC projects with a personal dedication to each and every customer.

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Clayton Barnes, General Manager

In addition to his key leadership role at Aladdin, Clayton was instrumental in starting the company’s commercial line of HVAC products in 2005. He has 15 years experience in the curb industry as well as 25 plus years in the metal business. Previously, Clayton served in the U.S. Army. After retiring from the Army in Germany, Clayton secured a job as roofer working for a Polish man, who had fled to Germany as a young man and had learned his trade working primarily on slate and copper church roofs. Clayton put his experience within the metals industries to use when returning back to the states, beginning in Tennessee and working his way to Atlanta and Aladdin Metal Products, where he is now head of operations for the company.

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Pepper Norris, National Sales Director

Pepper joined the Aladdin Metal Products in 2007, bringing 20 years experience in design engineering, including sheet metal work, bridge building and construction to the team. As senior sales consultant and design engineer, Pepper applies his experience to the everyday challenges of the job, helping customers understand what they need to get the job done, choosing the right products and solving problems. Originally from Pennsylvania, he has lived in Georgia for the past 20 years with his wife Denise and his son, Matt, who also works on the Aladdin team. In his spare time, Pepper can be found building show cars, drag racing and riding his motorcycle.

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