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Client Testimonials

“Aladdin’s product is great. They’re very quick and easy to deal with and if there’s ever anything wrong, they’re quick to fix it. They’ve even been known to visit the job site to get it right. They’re real competitive on prices and easy to deal with and very helpful.”
-Mark Lance, Sales Engineer, Tom Barrow Company

“The guys are great and always on time. They always go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy. They’ve even sent guys down to the job site to get it correct. They go out of their way to make sure everyone’s happy. We don’t plan to go anywhere else. They’re excellent.”
-Gene Willis, General Manager, Air Supply General

“I want to thank you guys for taking care of my customer, despite of him being unreasonable. You guys continue to exemplify that the service you provide is first class in the industry. Of all the curb manufacturers I’ve dealt with in my experience, you guys are the class of the field. Thanks again for all that you do.”

Hudsen Cheng, Commercial Sales, M&A Supply Company

“The main reason I choose to work with Aladdin is trust. I have been a long-time customer and have developed a personal friendship with the staff. They are reliable. If I have a problem, they’re there for me. I will never use another vendor.”
Thomas Bond, Account Executive, Mingledorff’s

“They have really good prices and incredible service. They do such a good job every time. I don’t think they have ever messed up a single job and they’re great about getting things fixed when the customer makes an error.”
Eric Plunkett, Commercial Estimator, M&A Supply Company

“In this business, you can’t afford to make mistakes. I can turn it over to the team at Aladdin and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I don’t have to explain things to them. They get the product correct. They stand behind what they do and their pricing is right.”
Troy Vines, Commercial Project Estimator and Field Services Representative, Climatic

"I had a situation where earlier today I ordered a 10T adapt curb shipping to Jackson, MS. Later, a different customer at the same branch wanted to change out an old American Standard. My price w/ your adapt curb was high. I called David to ask if he could help me. Since it is the same destination, I asked him if he could ship the second curb with the first one on the same pallet. He said yes and waived the FRT on the second one. That difference was able to let me get the order from that second contractor.”
Hudsen Cheng, Commercial Sales, M&A Supply Company

“The best things I can say about Aladdin is that they are extremely dependable and do whatever it takes to make sure they get the job done right. Everyone at Aladdin is great to work with and genuinely wants to make sure you are taken care of. I love working with them.”
-Rebecca Mullinex, Commercial Sales Administrator, Lennox Industries

“We have done numerous jobs with Aladdin and we have always been satisfied with the products delivered and the customer satisfaction they have provided to us.”
-Joey Robinson, Senior Project Manager, Johnson Controls

“Clatyon and Pepper are great. These guys are stand up guys. They’ve always been on time. Their turnaround is great and their customer service is great. Can’t say enough about them.”
-Jim Kirk, Sales Specialist, TraneDSO

“My experience with Aladdin goes back about 5 years. I have nothing but positive things to say about them. Just recently, I had an issue with a curb adapter that didn’t fit. Even though it wasn’t their problem, Aladdin picked it up on Friday and got it back to the customer on Tuesday. That’s customer service – taking care of a customer when it’s not even their issue.”
-Prem Shetty, Executive Sales Engineer, DaikinMcQuay

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