Drop Box Concentric Diffuser

Drop Box Concentric Diffuser - Image


Our Drop Box Concentric Diffuser is designed to distribute and direct air from drop ceilings side supply air discharge with grill on the bottom in t-bar or plaster ceilings. This light-weight design features 4-way adjustable even supply airflow, aluminum egg crate return grill, insulated duct pans. The unit comes fully assembled, sealed and insulated with mounting brackets installed.


  • Designed for drop-down side supply air discharge installations in t-bar or plaster ceilings
  • Material: G-90 Galvanized Steel
  • Fully assembled, sealed, and insulated
  • Lightweight design with mounting brackets installed
  • 4-way even supply air flow
  • Aluminum egg crate return grille
  • Mill Finish (Standard)
  • Optional Powder coated finish available (shown above)
  • Insulated duct pans included
  • Flex duct supplied by others