Noise Control Curb

Noise Control Curb - Image


For libraries, classrooms, theaters or any area requiring reduced equipment noise, our Noise Control Curbs are new construction curbs for HVAC units on flat membrane or built-up roofs. Noise control curbs are acoustically insulated roof curbs designed to reduce the amount of equipment noise that reaches the building structure below. This is done with a combination of noise dampening insulation and structural design.


  • Material:  16/14 Gauge G90 Galvanized Steel
  • Height:  14" Std. / As Required
  • Insulation: Curb is fully insulated with 1-2 layers of 1.5", 3# rigid board
  • Insulated area covered by a solid cover or by channel
  • Bottom of curb completely panned off except for return and supply duct openings
  • Fully Welded - Mitered corners
  • Full perimeter 1" x 4" Pressure treated wood nailer
  • Fully assembled with return and supply duct supports
  • Gasket material included for airtight RTU installation